Burkina Faso: Young producers of fertile eggs

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Oumarou OUÉDRAOGO and Abdoul TAPSOBA are the founders of Agro-pastorale Tech. They accompany poultry farmers to run their businesses smoothly.

The company specialises in the production and marketing of fertile and table eggs, as well as day-old chicks. It also offers training and support for setting up poultry farms.

The two entrepreneurs produce an average of 5,000 chicks a week. To date, they have helped more than 200 farmers with their projects. They aim to increase their production capacity in the coming years to meet the needs of poultry farmers.

“Our vision for the near future is to have the largest production unit for fertile eggs and day-old chicks. And also, a unit for processing agro-pastoral products into finished products,” said Oumarou OUÉDRAOGO, co-founder of Agro-pastorale Tech.

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