Burkina Faso : The triumph of passion

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Doing what she loves and being fulfilled, this is the choice made by Safia COULIBALY, who was formerly Chief Financial Officer, but who resigned to devote herself to entrepreneurship.

Today, Safia COULIBALY is at the head of “Image’in Wax”, a company specialising in the manufacture of fashion and office accessories made from local loincloths such as : Koko Dunda”, “Faso Dan fani”, “Bogolan”, etc. During her travels abroad, Safia COULIBALY realise the success of accessories made from African loincloths. This gave her the idea for “Image’in Wax”.

Despite the mockery and prejudice, Safia COULIBALY is now a fulfilled entrepreneur who is achieving great things with her business. She urges young entrepreneurs to excel in what they do and to persevere.

Burkina Faso

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