Burkina Faso: Rural farmers turned into sustainable entrepreneurs

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In Salogo, a rural commune in the region of Plateau Central in Burkina Faso, agro-sylvo-pastoral activities occupy more than 90% of the population who derive most of their income from them. Yet, many households are plagued by poverty and food insecurity.

Taking advantage of the presence of surface water reserves, many have started crop production, which they practice in off-season. But poorly equipped and organised, they derive little benefit from it due to various reasons such as the insufficiency of storage and conservation infrastructures, the weakness of the processing link, the archaic methods of production, the weakness of the marketing circuit and difficult access to finance.

The little that they manage to produce is very often sold off at harvest when prices are at their lowest. To remedy this situation, the NGO Solidar Suisse, with the financial support of the Vaud Federation for Cooperation (FEDEVACO) and the implementing partner which is the Association “Beoog-Neere” of Ganzourgou, launched in 2018, the Development Project of agricultural entrepreneurship with producers in the village of Salogo.

Burkina Faso

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