Burkina Faso: Poultry farmers from father to son

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After studying law in Mali, Aly MAÏGA returned to Burkina Faso, specifically to Ouessa, where he worked as a forwarding agent. But his desire to go into poultry farming caught up with him.

He started breeding with five hens and a rooster. Little by little, he carved out a place for himself in this sector. Today, Aly MAÏGA is the founder of “Établissements Maïga Aly et Fils” and employs around thirty people. He has around 4,800 head of chickens, 80 head of beef and around sixty goats and sheep.

Aly MAÏGA is an accomplished entrepreneur who is the pride of his family and friends, especially his son. His ambition over the next few years is to expand his business and make it a national and international success.

Burkina Faso

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