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Organic chocolate for the local market

Natalie KPANTE is a graduate in sociology. In 2013, she created with five other young people, CHOCO TOGO, a cooperative that produces and markets organic chocolate. The story started when Natalie and her colleagues attended a training on agricultural entrepren

publish July 8, 2016 1467
Exploring the potential of drones for agriculture

The use of drones for agriculture, a passing fad or a real potential? Guy Mouofo has his small ideas. A fan of drones, he is promoting their use among farmers in the North-West of Cameroon.

publish July 5, 2016 1402
Roméo at the school of earthworms

Roméo DOU, microbiologist, uses earthworms to produce natural and eco-friendly fertilizers from cocoa residues. Believing in an ideal, notably an agriculture which is eco-friendly, and succeeding to make a it business that is profitable. This is the exploit o

publish June 29, 2016 1247
His dream to be a pig breeder

Alphonse Sié PALM, 32 years, business advisor in Ouagadougou, is involved pig production in his native village since he left University. With about a hundred pigs, he hopes to gradually make it his main activity. The history with the pigs goes back to his chi

publish June 22, 2016 1360
Shea caterpillar to fight malnutrition

Kahitouo HIEN, engineer in agro-chemistry, works on the development of nutritional solutions with shea caterpillar through his enterprise FASOPRO. Kahitouo got into entrepreneurship at a very young age. He started to rear livestock animals to finance his studi

publish June 14, 2016 1867
Chocolate “made in Cote d’Ivoire”

Axel Emmanuel, manager in a bank, left his job in 2010 to start the production of chocolate “Made in Cote d’Ivoire”. A winning choice. It all started from an observation. Cote d’Ivoire is the first global producer of cocoa, but very few people were inv

publish June 10, 2016 1311
Taming the coconut juice

Chérif AKEDJOU, holder of a degree in marketing, ventured into the production and marketing of bottled coconut water in 2012. Despite the reluctance of his parents who wanted him to get a “more decent” work. Chérif saw the potential of coconut juice as a

publish June 6, 2016 1434
Transforming moringa leaves into tea

At Ouahigouya, in the north of Burkina Faso, Safiatou ROAMBA transforms moringa leaves into tea. At the beginning, Safiatou was looking for the leaves of moringa for her husband who was sick. This is how she discovered the virtues of moringa and decided to pro

publish June 3, 2016 1874
Taking over the family enterprise

Halatou DEM holds a degree in finance. In 2011, she took over “Danaya Cereals”, an enterprise involved in the transformation and marketing of agricultural products founded by her mother in 1992. Her ambition is to do better than her mother, thanks to her a

publish June 1, 2016 2391
Crowdfunding, lessons from a success

Jean Ehui Delmas, an ICT for development specialist, ambitions to put ICTs at the service of agriculture. Faced by lack of finance, he organised a crowdfunding campaign on the Internet in 2015 that enabled him to raise fund to launch “Lôr Bouôr”, an inte

publish May 19, 2016 2434
Organic from father to son

In the Savadogo family, the engagement for organic agriculture is transmitted from father to son. Claude Arsène Savadogo holds two Masters degrees. One in rural economy and agro-enterprises, and another one in economics, project finance and public policies. W

publish May 17, 2016 1709
An accountant mutating into a farmer

Alain AYENA is an accountant since 2001 in a big company in Benin. In 2014, he decides to leave all and venture into agriculture. “About 10 years ago, I noticed that some lorries were leaving the north of Benin with cargos of tomatoes, chillies, and othe

publish May 12, 2016 1835

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