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Burkina Faso: A couple involved in poultry farming

Nadjati OUÉDRAOGO and Lassanè SIMPORÉ are passionate about poultry farming, a passion that began at secondary school. Together, they run the Faso Cocorico poultry farm, which specialises in breeding improved local chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys. Thanks t

publish September 19, 2023 1020
Burkina Faso: The queen of honey

Awa KAFANDO, a midwife by training, is the Founder of the “Miellerie Reine d’Abeille business”. She specialises in marketing products such as natural honey, propolis and beeswax. Her entrepreneurial idea was born after several unsuccessful at

publish September 13, 2023 1028
Burkina Faso: Millet, a cereal with multiple benefits

In Burkina Faso, millet has much more than just nutritional value. It embodies resilience and plays an essential role in many traditional practices. Specialists often recommend millet flour-based porridges to restore the health of malnourished children, demons

publish September 6, 2023 1042
Burkina Faso: A young and daring fish farmer

After obtaining his BEPC (first secondary school diploma), François Yaam d’Assisse ILBOUDO set out to become an entrepreneur. Although his parents did not support him in this venture, as they wanted him to continue his studies, he went ahead and founded

publish August 29, 2023 1061
Burkina Faso: Doctorate in Pharmacy and producer of “gapal”

Adama DICKO is a doctoral student in Pharmacy and founder of the company “Gapal La Merveille”. She specialises in the production and marketing of “gapal”, a traditional dish made from yoghurt and millet. Adama DICKO learned to prepare g

publish August 22, 2023 1060
Burkina Faso: Grill cooks 2.0

In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, a group of young people have set out to modernise grilled meat. Known as “grill cooks”., they add their own personal touch to the cooking of mutton, beef or chicken, setting themselves apart from the traditional seller

publish August 4, 2023 1084
Burkina Faso: Drought-resistant sorghum varieties

Faced with climatic challenges such as irregular rainy seasons and droughts, the Institute for the Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA) has developed improved varieties adapted to this difficult context. Recently, new varieties of improved sorghum see

publish August 3, 2023 1062
Burkina Faso: Entrepreneur since the age of 9

Alphonsine SABA has launched “La Meunière du Faso”, a company that processes peanut-based products. She offers peanut butter, peanut paste and coated peanuts. She started her business from home, but has now moved to more suitable premises and empl

publish July 25, 2023 1097
Discovery: Focus on wheat varieties in Burkina Faso

Dr. Zara NIKIÈMA is a Geneticist at INERA in Bobo-Dioulasso. In this video, she presents two improved wheat seed varieties, which are the “Kanz” and “Achtar”. These wheat varieties require soil rich in mineral matter, nitrogen and orga

publish July 20, 2023 1102
Burkina Faso: Young producers of fertile eggs

Oumarou OUÉDRAOGO and Abdoul TAPSOBA are the founders of Agro-pastorale Tech. They accompany poultry farmers to run their businesses smoothly. The company specialises in the production and marketing of fertile and table eggs, as well as day-old chicks. It als

publish July 18, 2023 1086
Burkina Faso: Young school leavers in agriculture

The Bapla Rural Promotion Centre in Burkina Faso offers agricultural training to young people who have left school. Former trainees such as Zéphirin KAMBIRÉ and Viviane KAMBIRÉ have acquired essential skills and knowledge to improve their farming practices

publish July 14, 2023 1087
Burkina Faso: Accountant turned butcher

Flavien KABORÉ has a degree in accounting. He discovered his passion for the meat trade when he was looking for a job as an accountant in a butchery. After working as a butcher for several years, he acquired the expertise in meat processing. So, in 2012, he f

publish July 12, 2023 1079

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