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Burkina Faso: “FaireFaso”, the fair-trade milk brand

How to distinguish local milk among all the dairy products available to consumers? The FaireFaso brand has set itself the mission to ensure that consumers can easily identify local milk in Burkina Faso. The brand also works to ensure that the entire milk value

publish August 17, 2022 1016
Try it at home: Gapal, a traditional Fulani dessert

A traditional dish representing the Fulani cultural identity in Burkina Faso, gapal is made from cereals and yoghurt. In this video, discover the steps of preparation of this healthy dish, generally consumed as dessert.

publish August 9, 2022 1051
Getting together to better process local milk

In 1993, with the help of the Ministry in charge of breeding and animal health actors, dairy farmers in the northern region of Burkina Faso, in Ouahigouya, decided to set up a mini-dairy, currently managed by Adama Ibrahim DIALLO. The unit went from processing

publish August 2, 2022 1077
Burkina Faso: Conserving onions to reduce losses

In the past, many onion producers would store their onions, so as to sell them over a longer period and make a profit. During this phase, many of them saw their production reduced because the onion rotted. This caused a lot of losses. They were not able to obt

publish July 19, 2022 1085
Benin: Organic fertilizers to boost production

In order to prove that organic agriculture is productive and ia able to feed us in a healthy way, Bienvenu ADJE started the production of organic fertilizers through his company “ABC Grower”. These fertilizers are produced from the leaves of invasi

publish July 13, 2022 192
Burkina Faso: Tylay, an approach to enhance the human potential of farmers

In Burkina Faso, precisely in the province of Sissili, farmers had begun to lose hope in the potential of their activity. They had difficulty producing not only to satisfy their food needs, but also for sale. In this locality, the arrival of the “Tylay&#

publish July 1, 2022 1155
Benin: Ecological charcoal to preserve forests

Household needs, especially for cooking, lead families in Benin to use wood cut from the forest. This action contributes to deforestation and has a negative impact on the environment. To counter this human action, Roland ADJOVI got the idea of transforming dea

publish June 28, 2022 1112
Burkina Faso: Solutions for water treatment

In Burkina Faso, access to drinking water remains a major problem. The consumption of poor quality water, especially in rural areas, is the cause of several diseases, including diarrhea. To address these challenges, Arthur Ahmed YO decided to create Bilada, a

publish June 21, 2022 1296
The Intensive Rice System (SRI), less expensive and more profitable

More and more rice farmers in Africa are turning to the Intensive Rice System (SRI). This technique is beneficial to them because it reduces production costs and provides higher yields. The benefits of this technique have allowed producers such as Marcel YAO K

publish June 17, 2022 1137
Burkina Faso: Exploring her potential through entrepreneurship

In 2018, while she was still a student in agro-food industry, Zalissa OUEDRAOGO became pregnant. During this challenging period, Zalissa started her own business by creating “Maria Trans”, a company specialised in the processing of fruits and veget

publish June 14, 2022 1398
Documentary: Burkinabè organic cotton facing the challenge of transformation

The cotton produced in Burkina Faso respects the environmental and sanitary protocols. This gives it the label of ecological cotton or organic cotton. With nearly 11,000 producers, 12,000 tons of cotton are produced per year. But only 2% of this production is

publish June 10, 2022 1138
Burkina Faso: From journalist to farmer

Gérard SANOU is a journalist who has become a farmer. He produces cassava in association with other crops. Today, he is happy with this reconversion, because he contributes to the development of the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso.

publish June 7, 2022 1089

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