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Burkina Faso: The perseverance of a great farmer

A farmer in Gaoua, Noël KAMBOU has been suffering from lymphatic filariasis for more than 25 years. This disease is a real burden, which hinders his agricultural activities. “When I fall and my foot hurts, I can lie down for twenty days without leaving

publish September 27, 2022 1035
Burkina Faso: Rabbit breeder and feed producer

With the increase in demand for rabbit feed, as well as an increase in the number of breeders, rabbit feed on the Burkunabè market was insufficient. A professional rabbit farmer since 2018, Lassané TIENDREGEOGO, an accountant by training, used to feed his ra

publish September 21, 2022 1067
Benin: Cultivating tiger nuts to facilitate processing

In the South of Benin, the populations thought that it was impossible to produce tiger nut. A graduate in natural science and founder of “AFRIKA NATURE”, Mickael AKPLOGAN undertook with his agronomist friends, an experimentation project, which gave

publish September 13, 2022 1066
Burkina Faso: Soaring fertilizer prices, these endogenous solutions to exploit

This year, Burkinabe farmers are facing an increase in the price of mineral fertilizer. Depending on the city, the price of a 50-kilo bag varies between 34,000 and 37,500 FCFA , whereas in previous years the price was set between 15,000 and 17,500 FCFA. In ter

publish September 9, 2022 1202
Burkina Faso: From geologist to local rice processor

After a literary baccalaureate at the Prytanée Militaire of Kadiogo in 2012, Nassif KOAMA flew to Montreal, Canada, to pursue his studies in Geology. As soon as he obtained his Bachelor’s degree, he returned to Burkina Faso to realise his dream: to beco

publish September 6, 2022 1070
Burkina Faso: Local milk in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, national milk production is lower than the market demand. Over the years, the need for milk has been increasing. However, the country has enough potential to increase the level of production. According to Issa SAWADOGO, Director General of Ani

publish September 1, 2022 1074
Burkina Faso: The benefits of red goat’s milk

Originating from Niger, precisely from Maradi in the south, the red goat is recognisable with its characteristics which are among others its coat, its abundant fur resembling woolly sheep and its size superior to local goats. Considered as a milking goat, the

publish August 30, 2022 1085
Try it at home: “Made in Benin” soy milk

It is well known that to make yoghurt, processors use animal-based milk such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk or camel’s milk. But, it is also possible to make it with soya milk. When properly processed, soy is beneficial to health. In Benin, Capel

publish August 26, 2022 1080
Burkina Faso: Initiatives supporting local milk production

To develop the dairy sector in Burkina Faso, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries, through its Animal Production Department, has undertaken several actions. The Ministry is working to increase animal production by crossing local breeds w

publish August 23, 2022 1137
Burkina Faso: Artificial insemination to boost dairy farming

In Burkina Faso, the mission of the National Centre for the Multiplication of Performing Animals (CEMAP) is to promote milk production. The centre takes semen from milk-producing breeds imported from Europe and then implants them into local breeds that have th

publish August 22, 2022 2569
Burkina Faso: “FaireFaso”, the fair-trade milk brand

How to distinguish local milk among all the dairy products available to consumers? The FaireFaso brand has set itself the mission to ensure that consumers can easily identify local milk in Burkina Faso. The brand also works to ensure that the entire milk value

publish August 17, 2022 1086
Try it at home: Gapal, a traditional Fulani dessert

A traditional dish representing the Fulani cultural identity in Burkina Faso, gapal is made from cereals and yoghurt. In this video, discover the steps of preparation of this healthy dish, generally consumed as dessert.

publish August 9, 2022 1126

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