Burkina Faso: M’YAABA, solar incubators made in Burkina

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Eugène ROUAMBA is an electrician, and has a passion for poultry breeding. He uses his knowledge in electronic conception to develop a range of high-performing solar incubators of different capacities: 200, 400, 1000, 3000 eggs.

“Very often, people take me for a crazy person because of the work that we are doing. People say that solar incubators don’t work in Burkina. At the very beginning, they said that it’s false. But we continued and the one who proved it wrong was my first client of the solar incubator. And that was in 2012,” says Eugène.

Burkina Faso

6 comments on “Burkina Faso: M’YAABA, solar incubators made in Burkina

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