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Biological control of the millet head miner

Using insects to prevent the millet head miner caterpillar, one of the main pests of millet in the Sahel. This is the experience of researchers and farmers in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.

publish October 3, 2019 1142
Benin: An intensive training camp in organic farming

Young people from different backgrounds and from different countries met to be skilled in sustainable agriculture.

publish September 20, 2019 1115
Burkina Faso: Code of good conduct for better prevention and management of food crises

Over the past three decades, West African and Sahel countries have seen their populations double. Almost half live in cities. As a result, food crises are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted. Situations aggravated by the growing influence of global

publish August 9, 2019 1245
Kenya: Transforming to conquer the global market

In 2018, 3 Kenyan women founded Exotic EPZ Ltd, a company that processes and exports nuts, coffee and oils. The objective of the three women entrepreneurs, Charity Ndegwa, Jane Maigua, and Louise Maina was not only to establish a business that would be profita

publish August 6, 2019 1332
Burkina Faso: Solar and electric incubators to optimise poultry production

Faïçal PALENFO, engineer in animal production offers economic and effective incubators of different capacities to poultry farmers. According to Faïçal, hatching of eggs is an area which is not much developed in Burkina Faso. The objectives of his company,

publish August 2, 2019 1280
In Burkina Faso, the satellite guides farmers and breeders

In Burkina Faso, just as in the other Sahelian countries, transhumance is essential for the survival of pastoralists, as much as rainfall is for farmers. Traditionally, pastoralists sent scouts in search of water and pastures while farmers observed phenomena i

publish July 29, 2019 1292
Côte d’Ivoire: INVESTIV flies even higher

In Côte d’Ivoire, INVESTIV, a technological start-up specialised in precision agriculture, has raised a fund of USD 400,000 to develop its services. In 2017, just after his studies at the University of Laval in Canada, Aboubacar Karim returned to his ho

publish July 12, 2019 1336
Burkina Faso: DryDev, the knowledge attic against soil aridity

For six years, the Dryland Development Programme, DryDev, worked with communities in six dryland areas of Burkina Faso to help move from subsistence agriculture to sustainable rural development. Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and

publish July 9, 2019 1873
Burkina Faso: Producing onions on order

A couple, Marius and Nina YARO, graduates in agricultural economics make the production of onion in the rainy season a real business. For Marius and Nina, working as public servant only is not enough to help them realise their dream of constructing a house. In

publish June 25, 2019 1310
Burkina Faso: Young Balima, the reference butcher of Tenkodogo

Working in butchery for almost 30 years, Aboulaye BALIMA, known as Young Balima, is modernising his business. Abdoulaye is the founder of Yasmine Butchery. He followed the footsteps of his parents who were also in the butchery business. For him, the quality of

publish June 21, 2019 1353
SAHEL: Digitalisation for an agriculture which is climate-smart and more attractive to youth

On 17 and 18 April 2019, the regional Conference on Geodata for Water and Agriculture was held in Ouagadougou, on the theme: “IT services and geo-spatial data in the field of climate-smart agriculture: digitalisation to increase business opportunities an

publish June 17, 2019 56
Burkina Faso: Transform locally to boost production

In Burkina Faso, less than 20% of agro-sylvo-pastoral products are processed. This low level of processing not only increases the risk of post-harvest losses, but limits income opportunities for local stakeholders. To address this issue, the Drylands Developme

publish June 14, 2019 210

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